8.5: Cleanup lab resources

By running this lab, you have created additional AWS resources. We recommend you run the commands below to remove these resources once you have completed this lab, to ensure you do not incur any unwanted charges for using these services.

aws rds remove-source-identifier-from-subscription \
--subscription-name auroralab-cluster-failovers \
--source-identifier aupg-labs-cluster

aws rds delete-event-subscription \
--subscription-name auroralab-cluster-failovers

aws sns delete-topic \
--topic-arn $(aws sns list-topics --query 'Topics[?contains(TopicArn,`auroralab-cluster-failovers`)].TopicArn' --output text)

To delete RDS Proxy, select the Proxy identifier and click Delete in the Action menu as shown below.

Finally, confirm the deletion and press Delete.