Setup the Lab without Aurora cluster

Creating a lab environment without Aurora Cluster using AWS CloudFormation

If you are running these labs in a formal instructional event, the lab environment may have been initialized on your behalf. If unsure, please verify with the event support staff.

To simplify the infrastructure setup experience, we have created foundational templates for AWS CloudFormation that provision the resources needed for the lab environment. These templates are designed to deploy a consistent networking infrastructure, and client-side experience of software packages and components used in the lab.

You have two choices in Prerequisites section - either create Lab environment with pre-configured Aurora DB cluster: Setup the lab with Aurora cluster. Or use this guide to skip Aurora cluster provisioning and create the cluster manually in Lab 1: Creating a new Aurora cluster manually.

Option One-Click Launch Description
I will create the DB cluster manually Launch Stack Use when you wish to provision the Aurora DB Cluster manually.
Follow the below section to create the VPC and other bare minimal infrastructure.
Once the Infrastructure is created, then follow Lab 1: Creating a New Aurora Cluster Manually to create the Aurora PostgreSQL Cluster.

CloudFormation Stack Setup Instructions

  1. Click the Launch Stack button above.

  2. Ensure the correct AWS region is selected in the top right corner. If not, use that dropdown to choose the correct region. The labs are designed to work in any AWS region where Amazon Aurora PostgreSQL is available. However, not all features and capabilities of Amazon Aurora may be available in all supported AWS regions.

  3. Make sure CreateInstance parameter is set to false to disable Aurora PostgreSQL cluster creation. Leave rest of the parameters at their default.

  4. Scroll to the bottom, check both boxes and click Create stack.

    The stack will take approximately 10 minutes to provision, you can monitor the status on the Stack detail page. You can monitor the progress of the resource creation by refreshing the Events tab. The latest event in the list will indicate CREATE_COMPLETE for the stack resource.

  5. Once the status of the main apg-labstack stack is CREATE_COMPLETE, select it and then click on the Outputs tab on the right. Please take a moment to save these values somewhere that you will have easy access to during the remainder of the labs.

    Stack Outputs